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Choose one among the top certified Social Media Marketing companies in Mangalore - that can help you to grow your business

Digital Marketing Mangalore

Trionix Global is one among the top certified social media marketing companies in Mangalore. If you are looking for a social media marketing company for your business, choose the best and experienced in the industry.


Social Media Community Management

We advocate your brand on social network & create your own social persona and activity to go out with an online community to connect with potential customers.


Social Media Paid Ads

Promote your brand on paid social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, linked In, Instagram etc.


Social Media / Digital Activation

Campaign your contest through social media and increase your follower base, engagement. Example: Photo Contest, Video Contest, Sweepstakes, Surveys, Pick your favorite, Predictions, Instant Win, Coupons.

Our Solutions

Digital Marketing Mangalore

Digital Marketing Mangalore

Social Media Strategy Development

We provide a range of high-value social media consultancy services through which we help you to achieve substantial results & you can stay ahead of the competitors.

Digital Marketing Mangalore

Social Media Advertising Management

Our social media advertising services are proven to accelerate business Return on Investment. By advertising through social media, 100% of our clients have seen the best results.

Digital Marketing Mangalore

Social Media Content Creation

We provide a range of quality social media contents or writings and posting services to help you directly or indirectly market your offerings which help you to achieve success.

Our Platforms

Digital Marketing Mangalore

Digital Marketing Mangalore

Facebook/Instagram Marketing

Facebook/Instagram advertising helps you to grow your social media profiles by increasing the number of likes, shares and impressions of your Facebook and Instagram business page.

Digital Marketing Mangalore

Twitter/LinkedIn Marketing

If you are looking for a basic twitter/LinkedIn management, outreach or an extensive twitter/LinkedIn campaign. We create a report for the scope of improvements.

Digital Marketing Mangalore

Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat Marketing is becoming increasingly popular, we create Snapchat campaigns to inspire your business strategy. Snapchat is now used by over 150 million people throughout the world.

Why this service?

Social media is one of the most happening niches on the internet. Today, there is probably no customer for your products or services, who is not present on social media, and even if there are a few, it is possible that they will ultimately be a part of it.

What would be the cost?

We are flexible with costing and it will be based on the activity and effort involved to manage your social media.

Our Social Media Strategy & Process

Digital Marketing Mangalore

We follow the most effective Strategy & Process. We believe success always comes when we have creativity, efforts, determination in our team.

Digital Marketing Mangalore

Strategy Approach

Determine contributions of social media to organizational goals. Assess overall business goals to determine social media objectives & creating the strategic approach.

Digital Marketing Mangalore

Creative Development

Determine characteristics of target audience and assess current social media activities of Organization. Designing the efefctive creatives/artwork for the campaign.

Digital Marketing Mangalore

Measurement & Reporting

Monitor & measure activities, Analyse & learn from the success of the initiative. Reporting to the client with the successful use of Digital Marketing initiative that impacts the increase in overall ROI.


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Digital Marketing Mangalore

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